Leland Webb

Leland has worked with wood since his early teens as his father was a carpenter/cabinetmaker. He essentially grew up in a woodworking shop helping his dad and developing his own shop skills and knowledge of woodworking.  After retiring from UNC in 2011, Leland returned to working with wood in the form of woodturning with his old scouting buddy, Frank Penta.

Leland’s woodwork and turnings focus on bringing out the inherent beauty in a piece of wood.  It’s also been an outlet for artistic expression and allows him to become one with a piece of wood in finding and showcasing its natural beauty.  Whether it’s the unique grain pattern in a knot or burl, the configuration in a fork or limb, the chatoyancy of the finished surface, or simply the color variation in the wood due to disease or insects, he strives to let the wood tell him what it wants to be.

Leland is a member of the American Association of Woodturners and the Chapel Hill Woodturners.  He is also a resident artist with Liberty Arts Non-Profit Sculpture Studio and Foundry in Durham, NC.

Sadly, Leland passed away on April 30,  2023. His obituary can be viewed at the Endswell Aquamation and Cremation website: https://endswellcremation.com/in-memoriam/e-leland-webb/.

Black Walnut Natural Edge Bowl 

(9" x 2")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (12" x 3")

Purple Heart Platter with Textured Rim (11" x 1.5")

Oak Burl Hollow Form with Copper Inlay (6" x 2.5")

Wenge Bowl (4" x 2")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (8" x 3.5")

Figured Black Walnut Rolled Rim Platter (12" x 2")

Spalted Maple Natural Edge Bowl with Brass Inlay (10" x 2")

Australian Red Mallee Burl Bowl 

(9" x 2")

Black Walnut Pedestal Bowl (6" x 1")

Black Walnut Bowl (7" x 2")

Bloodwood Hollow Form (6" x 3")

Thin-rim Maple Bowl (7" x 2")

Maple Bowl (9" x 3")

Walnut and Maple Box (5" x 3.5")

Mango Hollow Form (6" x 4")

Ambrosia Maple Natural Edge Bowl (5.5" x 3")

Bubinga Pizza Cutter and Walnut Ice Cream Scoop

Maple Bottle Stop and Cherry Bottle Opener

Bubinga Bowl (11" x 3.5")

Figured Walnut Vessel (13" x 6.5")

Bradford Pear Live Edge Bowl 

(5" x 2.5")

Granadillo Platter (9" x 1")

Norfolk Island Pine Vase (3.5" x 4")

Buckeye Burl Bowl (7" x 3")

Buckeye Burl Bowl Bottom

Pecan Bowl with Void

Hard Maple Cocktail Muddler (10")

Ambrosia Maple Hollow Form 

(8" x 3")

Black Limba Platter (12" x 2")

Wormy Ash Bowl (8" x 3")

Sea Urchin Ornament

2019 Salad Bowl Challenge Entry

Pecan Bowl with Walnut Splints (14" x 4")

Cherry Burl Bowl (9" x 4")

Hard Maple Spiral Basket 

(6" x 2")

Cherry Burl Bowl Lamp (4" x 2.5")

Red Heart and Canary Wood Threaded Lid Box  

Red River Gum Drop Wing Platter (15" x 14" x 1")

Walnut Oil Lamp 

Tamarind, Mesquite and Ebony 

Oil Lamps

Cherry Burl and Maple Oil Lamps

Mango Big Rim Bowl (5.5" x 4")

Mesquite, Bomanga and Apple Boxes

Osage Orange Platter (12")

Figured Bocote Platter (10")

Box Elder Bowl (13" x 2.5")

Figured Walnut Live-Edge Bowl (11")

Ambrosia Maple Heritage Bowl 

(18.5" x 6")