St. Philip's Episcopal Church Ash Vessel Project

In 2020, St. Philip's Episcopal Church lost a stately Ash tree that had graced its Durham North Carolina Campus for many years. Members of the Church asked Chapel Hill Woodturners to create vessels using the wood from the Ash tree.  During 2021, club members first green-turned and then final-turned more than 100 different objects a sample of which are pictured below.

Square Rim Bowl by Cecil Reynor

Natural Edge Bowl by Michael Salemi

Oil Lamps by Leland Webb 

Two Bowls by David Jones

Bowl and Scoops by Lan Brady

Hollow Form by Bob Moffett

Natural Edge Bowl by Jennifer Jorgenson

Candle Holder by Martha Diefendorf

Two Boxes with Finials by Rick Fox

Two Bowls by Earl Martin

Natural Edge Bowl

Banded Bowl by Eric Montross

Straight Side Bowl by Leo Sagasti

Bowl with Milliput Inlay Rim by Don Leydens

Collection Plate by Carmine Prioli

Small Bowl by Tom Caulkins

Rounded Bowl by Steve Benezra

Small Bowl by Roni Liberman

Salad Bowl by Orlan Johnson

Natural Edge Bowl by Celia Sandford

Nicely Figured Bowl by Jimmy Murray

Selection of Small Bowls by Allen Woody

Natural Edge Bowl by Terry LeFebvre

Irregular Rim Plate by Lisa Soeters