Lan Brady

I began my woodturning career at the age of 5 as a Woodturners apprentice. The following year, my parents decided I needed an elementary school education creating a 43 year hiatus from the job/hobby. In 2003, I picked up a Skew and was making shavings once again. After turning small art pieces that ended up in 24 different countries around the world, I landed right back at the beginning with making treenware. Most of my work is now used for reenactment celebrations from the renaissance era through WW1.

Hollow Form

Hollow Form

Platter with Incised Rose

Drinking Cups



Butter Molds

Scalloped Bowl

Gift Boxes and Toothpick Holders

Weighted Gonks

Coffee and Salt Scoops

Dry Goods Scoop

Honey Swizzles