Lisa Soeters

There is something very gratifying about taking a chunk of wood and turning it into a unique bowl, a rolling pin, candlesticks, or a special holiday ornament. The pleasure doubles when you give it to someone and they treasure it. That is why I love woodturning!

Cedar Bowl

Ambrosia Maple Bowls

Chechen Bowl with Coin Medallion

Lidded Box

Laminated Bowl

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cedar Bowl

Apricot Wood Bud Vase

Three Sided Poplar Bowl

Maple Plate with Laminated Inset

Walnut Plate with Laminated Inset

Cherry Plate with Laminated Inset

Cherry Four Corner Plate

Cherry Nut Bowl

Maple and Walnut Crock

Laminated Candle Holder

Small Tigerwood Bowl

Ash Bowl with Broken Rim

Spalted Tamarind Candlesticks

Pine Holiday Trees

Apricot Wood Mushroom

Padauk, Cherry and Walnut Bowl

Maple Bowl

Natural Edge Bowl

Cherry Bowl-in-a-Bowl

Walnut Bowl (10.5")

Soft Maple Bowl (12")

Textured Cherry Valet Tray

French Rolling Pin

Ambrosia Maple Garden Tools

Beads of Courage Box