Michael Salemi

I began turning in 2011 and became a member of CHW in 2014.  I enjoy turning bowls of various shapes and sizes as well as turning non-standard forms. Here are some examples of my recent work.

In 2015, I was juried into the Orange Country Artists Guild (http://www.orangecountyartistsguild.com/)

From 2016 through 2020, I was a member of Hillsborough Gallery of Arts (http://hillsboroughgallery.com/).

For more examples of my work please visit my website:


Spalted Sugar Maple Bowl

Jagged Edge Maple Ikebana

Padouk Bowl With Turquoise Inlay

Spalted Maple Bowl Form

Cherry Ikebana

Red Heart Ikebana

Two Koa Boxes and a Koa Bowl

Three Small Maple Bowls

Laminated Jatoba Plate

Laminated Jatoba Plate

Spalted Maple Roll Rim Platter

Manta Ray Ikebana

Walnut Chalice

Walnut and Lacewood Vase

Norfolk Island Pine Urn

Cherry and Laminate Sculpture

Purple Heart Roll Rim Hollow Form

Purple Heart Manta Ray Bowl

Vee Shape Walnut Bowl

Cedar Pagoda Ikebana

Wenge and Maple Laminate Square Rim Bowl

Wenge and Maple Laminate Square Rim Bowl

Old Cherry Hollow Form

Cherry and Red Heart Goblet

Red Mallee Burl Bowl (8" x 3")

Grand Mallee Burl Bowl (7" x 4")

Ash Plate with Dyed Grain

Ash Hollow Form with Dyed Rim (8")

Cherry and Wenge Bowl-in-a-Hole

Oval Wenge Ikebana with Pinstripes (6")

Cherry and Wenge Pagoda Box (5")

Padauk Box with Walnut Lid and Bead Finial

2019 Salad Bowl Challenge Entry

East Indian Rosewood Box with Cherry Top

Brown Mallee Covered Bowl (9" x 6" x 4")

Brown Mallee Cantilevered Bowl 

(10" x 7" x 2")

Brown Mallee Cantilevered Bowl 

(13" x 9" x 2")

Natural Edge Maple Bowl Form (8")

Purple Heart "Manta Ray" Bowl (11" x 2") 

Walnut, Cherry and Oak Beads of Courage Box (9" x 6")

"Grotto" Bowl of Manzanita and EcoPoxy Resin with Walnut Base

"Windows" Bowl of Maple Burl and EcoPoxy Resin

Walnut Funereal Urn

Norfolk Island Pine Funereal Urn 

Australian Corrugata Burl Bowl 

With Natural Edge

Ash Bowl with Scalloped Edge

Australian Corrugata Burl Ikebana 

(6" x 5" x 2.5")

Long Leaf Pine Cone and Resin Vase (4" x 5.5")

Australian Red Mallee Bowl

(10.5" x 9" x 2")

Manzanita and Resin Vessel (4" x 6")

Leopard and Canary Wood Vase (12")

Oak and EcoPoxy Resin Vase (4" x 6")

Resin and Colored Pencils Vase

Maple and Epoxy "River" Bowl

Manzanita and Epoxy Resin Hollow Form

Bottom of Hollow Form

Corrugata Bowl

Maple Burl Hollow Form

African Blackwood Vase

Ebiara Square Rim Bowl (8.5" x 1.5")

Maple Burl and Resin Hollow Form

Maple and Resin Lamp

Banksia Pod and Resin Vase

African Blackwood Cup

Dyed Ash Hollow Form

Dyed Ash Ikebana

Natural Edge Ironwood Burl Box

Box at Left with Top Off

African Black Wood Hollow Form

Beads of Courage Box