Jim Bumpas

From finding and cutting the wood to turning a functional bowl or a work of art, Jim enjoys it all - except maybe the sanding that is required. 

After a career in the human services field and dealing with the vagaries of politics, he retired and took up woodturning as a hobby.

Jim has had the privilege of taking classes and attending national woodturning symposia where he has studied with David Ellsworth and other well known woodturners. He has held various offices at the state and local levels in Virginia and his turnings have been selected for juried shows in several states and by the American Association of Woodturners.

He displays and sells his work at Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet gallery and the Dare County Arts Council Gallery.

Jim and his wife Jennifer live in Durham and enjoy time at their cottage in Kill Devil Hills.

"Self Portrait" 

Holly and Cherry (5")

Maple Burl Hollow Form with Inlace  (7" x 5.5")

Red Maple Natural Edge Bowl (9.5" x 7")

Carved and Textured Walnut Hollow Form (8" x 4")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl

 (4" x 3")

Natural Edge Salmon Gum Burl Bowl (23" x 4")

Pyro-Finished Cherry Boxes (18")

Holly and Cherry Ornament

Maple Bowl with Boxwood Patches (10" x 9")

Ambrosia Maple Platter (19")

Maple Pepper Grinder

Sculpture (24")

Choir of Angels

Turned and Carved Sculptures (4" and 2")

Turned and Carved Sculpture (9")

Textured Sculpture

Maple and Cherry Inlaid Ornament

Textured Hollow Form

Ironwood Burl Box (3" x 3")

Big Leaf Maple Hollow Form 

(5" x 4")

Maple Carved Spirals Hollow Form

 (5" x 7.5")

Angel (4")

Big Leaf Maple Hollow Form (5" x 4")

Fluted and Spiraled Cuban Mahogany Hollow Form (5" x 4")

Black Locust Bowl (4" x 5.5")

Ash Bowl (4" x 7.5")

Oak Bowl (6" x 11")

Natural Edge Ash Bowl (3" x 8")

Natural Edge Maple Bowl (5" x 9")

Natural Edge Ash Bowl (2" x 6.5")

Carved Cherry Vase (26" x 6.5")

Beads of Courage Box

Textured and Painted Hollow Form (4.5" x 5")


Maple Hollow Form (3.5" x 5")

Holly Hollow Form (6" x 4")

Oak Hollow Form (6.5" x 6")

Choir of Angels

Cedar Hollow Form (4.75" x 4")