Roni Liberman

I am a practicing psychoanalyst who began woodworking about 17 years ago, making furniture. Seven years ago I began to turn bowls, platters, plates, boxes and works of art. The lathe is now my focus. I love watching the object evolve out of the largely unformed piece of wood. The tree from which the piece came and the figure or grain in the piece determine what the object will become.

I work with many different woods, both domestic and exotic, and some pieces are a laminated version of both. In addition to turning the wood, I have enjoyed embellishing and decorating pieces with crushed semi-precious stone, carving and coloring.

Maple Burl Bowl (10" x 10")


Walnut Bowl with Textured Rim (6")

Maple Burl Box with Walnut Lid (4" x 3")

Spalted Maple Hollow Form

Dyed and Limed Ash Vase (3" x 4")

Cherry Bowl with Square Textured Rim (9" x 3")

Spalted Holly Ogee Bowl (9" x 3")

Square Rim Cherry Bowl 

(6" x 5")

Spalted Holly Bowl (12" x 5.5")

Padoul Bowl (6" x 3.5")

Madrone Bowl (8" x 3")

Elm Burl Bowl 

Limed Elm Burl Bowl

Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl

Natural Edge Box Elder Bowl

Walnut Box

Sycamore Box with Ebony Finial

Holly and Compressed Wood Bowl

Camphor Wood Box