Lamination Workshop (May 10, 2019)

On Friday afternoon from 1 to 3pm, Frank and his crew tried a new, FUN workshop format. Frank showed about 29 attendees how to arrange pieces of wood and veneer to create a handle. Two methods were shown and everyone got a chance to make those two glue-ups. While folks were rushing over to see Auman at the cut wood and veneer, Frank got to demonstrate how the handle changes as you turn through the layers. Frank also got to encourage everyone to enjoy turning and have fun discovering what is within the wood, especially the laminated blanks. There were several people that came back more than two times to do glue-ups and that was great. Most of the wood and veneer was donated by Frank and the preparation labor was free. Attendees were asked to make a donation of at least $5.00 for each blank completed. I think everyone had a great time, especially during the "glue up" the pictures show.