Orlan Johnson

I was a wood worker my whole life, but did not do any turning until I took a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in 2009.  In 2010 I started turning in earnest, and now I have 3 lathes, and turn several days a week.  I started and became the President of the Chapel Hill Woodturners in 2011. I have found that the lathe is a great way to get to the soul of a piece of wood and expose the true beauty.  The challenge, and therefore the fun, is to figure out the best way to work with the wood to get the most out of it.  I have a lot of failures, but the successes make it worthwhile.

Orlan Johnson



Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker

Cutting Boar (16")

Bottom of Cutting Board

Walnut Bowl

Bottom of Walnut Bowl

Spalted Maple Bowl

Maple Burl Bowl

Maple Bowl (15" x 5)

Spalted Maple Hollow Form

Small Bowls with Wood-Burned Images

Small Laminated Bowls

Magic Wands

Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Maple Hollow Form

Walnut Box with Silver Inlay

Mesquite Potpourri Box

Cherry Burl Apple

Oak Burl Apple

Applewood Apples

Cedar Apple

Norfolk Island Pine Hollow Form

Laminated Bowl (13.5" x 3")

Artistic Tree (11")

Laminated Bowl 

Laminated Box

Laminated Bowl

Beads of Courage Box with Spinner

Norfolk Island Pine Hollow Form

Interrupted Bubinga Bowl

Laminated Bowl (13")

Laminated Bowl (12")

Holly Hollow Form

Apple Wood Bowl

Bottlebrush, Maple, and Rosewood Boxes

Norfolk Island Pine Vase and Box

Maple Burl Bowl

Spalted Holly Bowl

Spalted Maple Bowl (13")

Large Norfolk Island Pine Bowl

Norfolk Island Pine Vase

Norfolk Island Pine Vase

Walnut Bowl

Walnut Bowl

Brown Mallee Burl Dish (8")

Side View of Dish

Bradford Pear Bowl (9")

Large Norfolk Island Pine Vase

Sweet Gum Burl Bowl

Laminated Bowl

Walnut Offset Platter

Maple Burl Bowl (8")

Stiched Cherry Bowl with Brass Inlay

Laminated Flare Rim Bowl

Laminated Pedestal Bowl

2019 Salad Bowl Challenge Entry

Jewelry Holders

Maple Bowl (13")

Cherry Burl Hollow Form (9")

Maple Bowl (17")

Salmon Gum Burl Bowl (9")

Shallow Walnut Bowl (9")

Bird House

Box Elder Bowl (10" x 4")

Box Elder Bowl (10" x 3.5")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (11" x 3.5")

Maple Candle Sticks

Tree (9")

Beads of Courage Box

Norfolk Island Pine Hollow Form

Walnut Advent Tray

Lazy Susan

Cherry Burl Bowl (7")

Cherry Burl Bowl (10")

Tree Trio