Bob Moffett

I have been turning wood  for about ten years.  I was president of the Piedmont- Triad Wood Turners Association for three years and currently an instructor at John C. Campbell Folk School where I teach boxes, hollow forms, and bowl spiraling.

Cherry Challice with Spiral Stem (8")

Maple Box (4")

Maple and Box Elder Spiral Boxes

Square Ash Box with Walnut Finial

Zebrawood Box with Ebony Finial

Cherry Box with Ebony Finial

Maple Box 

Carved Maple Hollow Form

Spiral Ash Hollow Form

Natural Edge Walnut Bowl

Walnut Goblet (10")

Cherry Spiral Bowl (10")

Bottom of Bowl at Left

Maple Spiral Bowl (12")

Bottom of Bowl at Left

Walnut Spiral Bowl (12")

Bottom of Bowl at Left

Quarter Sawn Oak Spiral Bowl (10")

Bottom of Bowl at Left

Carved Cherry Spiral Bowl (9")

Fluted Bradford Pear Bowl (9")

Maple Multi-Axis Platter (17")

Poplar Multi-Axis Platter (12")

Maple Off-Center Platter (15")

Multi-Axis Hickory Platter (8")

Walnut Crotch Bowl (14" x 4")

Ambrosia Maple Box with Conch

Off-Center Burned and Dyed Platter

Side View of Platter at Left (10")

Burned Platter with Void

Big Leaf Maple Burl Goblet (14")

Maple Burl Hollow Form (12")

Maple Burl Goblet (12")

Maple Bowl (10")

Maple Offset Platter (12")

Oak Burl Platter with Bark Inclusions (12")

Offset Platter

Offset Burned Walnut Platter Platter (12")


Offset Colored and Burned Maple Platter (11")

Cedar Bowl (10")

Walnut Natural Edge Bowl (10" x 3.5")

White Oak Bowl with Dyed Rim (12")

Cherry Burl Bowl (9" x 6")

Offset Maple Platter (18")

Beaded Offset Walnut Platter (14")

Fluted Cherry Bowl (10")

Oak Platter with Bark Inclusion (19")

Oak Platter (18")

Dyed and Burned Maple Bowl (7.5")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (8")

Walnut Goblet (14")

Maple Bowl with Wood Burning (10")

Maple Basket Illusion Bowl (10")

Cherry and Maple Goblet

Maple Basket Illusion Plate (8")

Oak Burl Bowl (5.5")

Maple Bowl (11")

Maple Bowl (8")

Offset Poplar Platter (11")

Walnut Candlestick 

Maple Offset Platter

Textured and Painted Walnut Bowl

Offset Platter with Lichtenberg Woodburning

Textured and Painted Platter

Textured Oak Bowl (6")

Offset Poplar Bowl (10")

Birdhouse Ornaments

Textured Maple Bowl (8")

Natural Edge Maple Vase

Cherry Urn 

Maple Bowl with Textured Rim

Maple Bowl with Blue Rim

Bradford Pear Natural Edge Box (9")

Beaded Maple Box (9")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (11")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (9.5")

Beads of Courage Box 

Beads of Courage Box

Rosewood and Maple Box with Ebony Finial

Maple and Walnut Box

Maple and Walnut Boxes

Maple Boxes with Zebrawood Insets

Maple and Plum Beaded Box