Woodturning School (April 10, 2021)

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny! The first day of Woodturning School was here at last. Joe and Jan arrived early and got the AV equipment set up for Frank’s “Roughing Gouge Explanation and Demonstration of Uses” . Frank will be presenting an explanation of tools with a short demonstration of their use; a different tool each week. I arrived about 8:30 and began checking lathes and tools so we would be ready when our students arrived at 9:00! Our students arrived almost together and we socialized for a few minutes. Joe. Jan and I had our masks on and in just a few minutes so did our students. I took a minute to explain that the masks kept a lot of dust out of your nose and went over the rules for safety and where the bathroom was. We got everyone on a lathe with a piece of practice wood and turned them over to Frank. He did a beautiful job of explaining and demonstrating the Spindle Roughing Gouge. A recording of this is available on Carolina Crafts Center’s web site. Joe and I got our students started and helped Frank and Jan get packed up and on their ways. Questions flew and luckily, no wood flew! The included pictures show our students and club members that participated having a great time. Next week the tool will be “The Skew”.