Joy Cowan

Red Mallee Bowl (8" x 2.5")

Celtic Knot Study: Two Bottle Stoppers and an Ice Cream Scoop

Mystery Wood Bowl

Sycamore Tray

Marblewood and Cherry Weed Pots

Sycamore Bowl Form Stained Walnut

Cherry Candle Sticks

Cherry Box with Lid

Eucalyptus Box with Holly Lid

Walnut Bowl with Spiral Rim

Carved and Stained Poplar Bowl

Salad Bowl Challenge Entry

Eucalyptus Bowl (8")

Walnut Bowl with Clay Lid (3.5")

Turned and Carved Cherry Vase (5")

Eccentric Cherry Vase (4")

Mesquite Vase (5")

Turned, Carved and Painted Mahogany Vases

Spalted Sycamore Bowl (12")

Three-Corner Cedar Bowl 

(3" x 6")

Spalted Tamarind Sphere (3")

Maple Box (4")

Sipo Platter with Beaded Rim (19")

Ambrosia Maple Platter 

With Rolled Rim (19")

Ambrosia Maple Platter 

With Beaded Rim (13")

Ambrosia Maple, Padauk and Mahogany Platter  (14")

Bottom View of Platter at Left Showing Multi-Axis Base

Ambrosia Maple Platter 

With Textured Rim (13")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (10")

Ambrosia Maple Plate (8")

Palm, Padauk, Yellow Heart and Red Heart Bowl (3")

Mesquite, Maple and Walnut Vases (5"-7")

Triangular Laminated Vases (5")

Sea Urchin Ornaments with Holly and Red Heart Finials

Dyed and Limed Ash Lamps (14.5")

Maple Burl Lamp (12")

Cherry Lamps (12")

Beaded Holiday Trees

Holiday Trees

Beaded Holiday Tree

Holiday Trees