David Jones

I like all aspects of wood working, but wood turning has captured my interest more than anything else.  I especially like turning green wood and finding beauty inside of a rough log or blank. 

Spalted Pecan Square Bowl (5")

Redheart Square Bowl (8")

Ambrosia Maple Platter (16")

Spalted Silver Maple Bowl

Catalpa Three Corner Bowl (5")

Spalted Maple Ikebana (6")

Spalted Tamarind Box

Catalpa Natural Edge Bowl (5" x 9")

Stave Construction Cherry Wine Chiller

Dyed Maple Burl Goblet

Sycamore and Bubinga Box

Woodburned and Dyed Maple Bowl (7")

Multi-Axis Cherry Candlestick

Spalted Tamarind and Bubinga Box

Bubinga Square Bowl

Cherry Acorn Box with Incised Lid

Redheart Bowl (5")

Laminated Three Corner Bowl (6")

Mulberry Natural Edge Bowl (11")

Spalted Tamarind Walking Bowl (6")

Redheart Bowl (8")

Beads of Courage Box and Lid

Laurel Pagoda Box (4"x3")

Sycamore Scoop (3" x 13")

Gilded Bubinga Platter (10")

Cedar bowl with In-curved Rim (7")

Spalted Tamarind Egg Box 

Open Box (2.5" x 3.5")

Gilded Padauk Platter (8")

Padauk Hexagonal Bowl (8")

Spalted Maple Apple Box (4")

 Banksia Pod Ornament

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (16")

 Cherry Christmas Tree

Banksia Pod, Cherry, and Maple Tealight

 Cedar, Ash, and Walnut Planting Dibbles

Walnut Bowl (5" x3")

 Maple, Cherry, and Ebony Jewelry Organizer (6")

Shallow Ambrosia Maple Bowl (12")

 Cedar Bowl (13")

Cedar Plate (11")

 Mulberry Hollow Form (6" x 7")

Bigleaf Maple Burl Bowl (10")

 Bottom of Bowl at Left

Maple Burl Hollow Form with Rosewood Lid

 Spalted Dogwood Bowl (5" x 2.5")

Cherry Bowl with Spiral Rim 

(5.5" x 2")

 Spalted Maple Bowl (10" x 4")

Bradford Pear Shallow Bowl (12")

 Painted Maple Platter (9.5" x 2")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (9.5" x 3")

 Ambrosia Maple Bowl (14")

Flame Box Elder End Grain Bowl (8")

 Flame Box Elder Live Edge Bowl (8")

Flame Box Elder Side Grain Bowl (7")

 Flame Box Elder Live Edge Bowl (5")

Spalted Maple Bowl with Beaded Rim (8")

 Wide Rim Walnut Bowl (10.5" x 3")

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (12")

 Maple Round Bottom Bowl (5" x 6")

Boxes: Padauk Egg, Apple Apple, and Walnut Teardrop

 Spalted Tamarind and Redheart Box 

Spalted Cherry Natural Edge Bowl (6")

 Natural Edge Cherry Bowl (6")

Winged Redbud Crotch Bowl (7")

 Beads of Courage Box

Ambrosia Maple Bowl (18")

 Stitched Spalted Maple Bowl (12" x 6")

Walnut Bowl with Vine Carving on Rim (8")

 Three Footed Chery Bowl (11.5" x 5")

2019 Salad Bowl Challenge Entry

 Shallow Chery Bowl (15")

Walnut Crotch Bowl (9")

 Hornbeam End Grain Vase

Hackberry Egg Box (5" x 8")

 Maple Burl Ikebana (8")

Ambrosia Maple Platter (11")

 Crape Myrtle Bowl (8" x 3.5")

Self-Winding String  Top (3")

 Natural Cedar Christmas Trees

Natural Edge Maple Goblet

 Beads of Courage Box

St. Phillips Ash Bowl (14")

 Cherry Natural Edge Bowl (13" x 6")

Cherry Bowl (13")

 Walnut Natural Edge Bowl (5")

Beads of  Courage Box

 Cherry Bowl (18" x 6")

Bradford Pear Lamp

 Beaded Cherry Lamp

Cherry Crotch Bowl (12" x 3.5")

 Spalted Maple Bowl (4" x 3")

Stave Beads of Courage Box

 Redbud Mushrooms with Marbled  Paint

Small Offset Spalted Sycamore Bowl

Eight-Axis Poplar Bud Vases

Poplar Platter with Milk Paint Finish (13")

Sapele Plate (9")

Deep Cherry Bowl (8")

Shallow Cherry Bowl (11")

Beads of Courage Box

Walnut Crotch Plate (13")

Oak Burl Platter (14")

Oak Burl Bowl (9" x 3")

Oak Burl Urn (7" x 5")

Flame Box Elder Bowl (9" x 3")

Maple Burl (6" x 6")

Flame Box Elder Bowl (10")

Oak Burl Plate (11")

Walnut Crotch Platter (15")

Cherry Dough Bowl (14")

Maple Bowl (15.5")

Sea Urchin Ornament

Live Edge Ash Bowl (7")

Spalted Maple Bowl (6.5")

Walnut Bowl (8")

Spalted Walnut Bowl (10")

Silver Maple Bowl (11")

Sourwood Bowl-in-a-Bowl (7")