June Talvitie-Siple

After I retired from education, I began to explore my creative side. I always had an interest in jewelry, so I began to learn the art of jewelry making. From there I began to think about the different mediums I could use and started to consider wood. That led me to woodworking and woodturning about 4 years ago. I love the feel of wood and how the movement of wood adds so much to the visual appeal of an art piece. For me, turning wood is just the start of the creative process. I enjoy embellishing my turnings with carvings, metal, stone inlays, and paint. There is a certain feeling of satisfaction when I finish one of my pieces and I hope that is expressed in such a way that others can join me in that satisfaction.

Gingko Bowl with Carvings

Carved Spoon

Poplar Vase with Carved Leaves

Cherry Bowl with Copper and Resin

Poplar Bowl with Copper Leaves

Bocote Box with Top Top

Chevron Segmented Bowl

Spalted Maple Plate with Carved Rim

Curly Maple Bowl with Ebony Handle

Walnut Crotch Bowl with Turquoise Inlay and Copper Rim

Bird Feeder Ornament

Bird Feeder Ornament

Red Mallee Burl Bowl

Square Rim Walnut Bowl

Leopardwood Bowl

Uru Shi Cedar Bowl

Curly Maple Bowl with Ebony Kangi for Peace

Carved Spoon