Carmine Prioli

Carmine Prioli is a retired NC State University department administrator and English Professor. He now teaches creative woodturning at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, NC.

Walnut Urn with Cherry Finial (11")

Mahogany Winged Bowl (9")

Cherry Winged Bowl (8")

Walnut and Cherry Crescent Vases 

Purpleheart Winged Bowl (7")

Mahogany and Ambrosia Maple Boxes

Many Laminations Plate (10")

First Place - Lathe Work

2015 NC State Fair

Box Elder Bowl with Gesso Rim 

(5" x 10.5")

Black Cherry Hollow Form (12" x 10")

First Place - Lathe Work

2016 NC State Fair

Painted Cedar Beads of Courage Box

Cherry Gavel and Block

Cherry Gavel and Block

New Jersey Superior Court

Bottlebrush Urn (8" x 4.5")

Mesquite Storage Jar (6" x 6")

Acoma Pueblo Style

Oak Vase with Celtic Knot 

Norfolk Island Pine Urn 

(8" x 5")


(9" x 7")

Spalted Sycamore Urn with Cocobolo Finial

Bottlebrush Urn (9" x 5")

Spalted Sycamore Hollow Form with Walnut and Laminate (5" x 6")

Laminated Hollow Form (6" x 6")

Keepsake Boxes

Oak and Maple Hourglass (13")

Beads of Courage Box

Laminated Beads of Courage Box

Lidded Boxes

Spalted Maple Box with Red Heart Lid (9" x 4")

Angel Ornaments

Angel Ornament

Beads of Courage Box

Laminated Wood Ornaments

Laminated Twist Pens

Laminated Beads of Courage Box (7" x 6")