Cecil Sparrow

Here are some examples of my work.  As you can see, I also do other things.  The wood burning is some of my work. Check back to see other aspects of my work such as furniture, coloring, texturing and so on.


(Sadly, Cecil passed away on June 12, 2024.)

Cedar Bowl

Walnut Potpourri Bowl

Dish with Hand-Turned Eggs

Three Square Cherry Bowls

Mahogany Covered Dish

Laminated Bowls

Ambrosia Maple Platter with Image of Light House

Ambrosia Platter with Image of Orange Chapel Church

Figured Walnut Bowl

Laminated Rolling Pin

Pine Weed Pot

Cherry Table

Walnut Table

Ambrosia Maple Platters with Butterfly Images

Celtic Knot Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Mini Goblets with Stem Rings

Holly Top and Stand

RED Cedar Bowl

Red Cedar Bowl and Apples

Norfolk Island Pine Urn

Sycamore Bowl with Brass Inlay

Cherry Bowl with Turquoise Inlay

Celtic Knot Christmas Ornament

Beads of Courage Box

Oak and Walnut Acorns

Parallelogram Bowl

Cherry Bowl

Fluted Maple Bowl

Snow Folk

Covered Mahogany Dish

Pneumatic Tooth Pick Holder

Natural Edge Redbud Bowl

Redbud Crotch Bowl

Ebony and Cherry Burl Goblet

Ambrosia Maple Bowl with Woodburned Scene

Natural Edge Maple Bowl

Maple and Walnut Covered Bowl

Maple and Red Heart Octagonal 

Lazy Susan 

Decorated Holly Tops